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Why Choose A1

Full-Service Mold Making for Superior Quality

We started out as a small novice mold maker in 1946 and have evolved into a major player and expert in the industry. We have grown and now provide innovative and high-quality molds to customers worldwide. Our tenure in the industry has enabled us to understand our customers’ needs to develop the right mold, the first time. This mindset has allowed us to master efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your benefit.

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When A1 builds a mold, we build it to last.

In most cases, it can last 50% longer than other molds on the market. Our dedication to quality parts and tooling means that your mold will run up to 15 or 20 years in some cases, and require less maintenance because it was built right the first time. A1’s products have unmatched tooling performance.

Choosing A1 means:


You’ll get an experienced team that thinks outside the box


the best solution for your need

lasts longer than other molds50% longer

Consistently reproduce quality parts
Faster cycle times
Higher quality molds that are low maintenance and supported by A1, forever
Industry 4.0 technology built into every mold and mold process



ISO standards are validated by experts as a formula detailing the best way of doing something.  Quality standards help manufacturing to work more efficiently and reduce product failures.

A1 has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2005 and is still certified today.

Mold Builder of the Year

AMBA annually awards a company the “Mold Maker of the Year.”  A panel of professionals reviews and acknowledges companies that are outstanding business leaders dedicated to the mold building industry.

A1 received this prestigious award and maintains that same professionalism today!

Apprentice of the year

Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s test and award an individual apprentice that excels in mold making skills. Geoff Luther won this renowned award and distinction in 1984. He continues to use those skills at A1 in our mold designs and to teach other A1 employees to be successful.

Plastics Industry Association

Association’s purpose is to shape the future of the industry; for a better industry and a better world. 

A1 is an active member of the association and takes part with other leading experts to learn, network and advance the industry and our company.


Provides members access to the most powerful networking in the mold manufacturing industry.  

Active on multiple committees, A1 is involved in providing a variety of channels to expedite solutions and build growth and development areas that will positively impact the mold manufacturing industry to achieve new levels of success.

Lyden High School

Partner with local high schools and serve on school boards, to provide career opportunities for students into the manufacturing/engineering professions. We provide tours, hire students, participate in career days, and speak at their schools. It’s all about giving back and helping to grow the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

MoldMaker Technology

They are the industry leader in disseminating knowledge via print, social, and online vehicles.  A1 has partnered up and highly values their expertise, while sharing our expertise back with them.  As a result, A1 has been featured in multiple articles, interviews, and on the cover of their October 2018 issue.

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Our experience in domestic and foreign molds positions us to create unique solutions for each customer. We can improve your existing molds or develop new ones. We deliver on-time, on budget, and our molds are guaranteed for 1 million shots (contact A1 for details).