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Our team of
Molding experts

At A1, our team strives to become part of your team. Meet the creative, talented and innovative professionals who make up A1 Tool Corporation. Our molding experts bring years of engineering experience, unmatched detail and superior quality.



Geoff has been the owner of A1 Tool Corporation since 2012 and with the company since 1984. Under his direction, A1 continues to grow, recently winning the SME Mold Maker of the Year Award.


Mike has been in the mold industry for more than 30 years and has been with A1 since 1988. He enjoys the relentless challenge to improve and endless possibilities for creativity it provides.
VP of Technical Sales

Mark T

Mark is the vice president of technical sales. He has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, 37 of those years spent at A1. He has worked with all aspects of plastic injection molding.
CIO & Project Manager


Ken is the chief information officer at A1 Tool. He’s been in the industry for over 30 years, and at A1 since 1993. He has a broad range of experience with injection molding, blow molding and thermoform.
Project manager


Michael’s career spans 45 years in the industry and he’s been with A1 since 1994. Michael started as a mold polisher in 1976 and worked his way through many positions before earning his current role.
VP of Operations


Chuck is the vice president of operations at A1 Tool. He has been in the industry for 29 years, 25 of them in various operator and foreman positions at A1 Tool.
Design Department Manager


Marcin has been with A1 since 2007. As manager of the design department, he mentors and teaches about mold design. Marcin is our go-to for 3D printing, plastic and metal, as well as mold flow analysis.
Toolmaker Foreman


Sergio is a toolmaker foreman and has been with A1 Tool Corp. since 2011. He has more than 30 years of industry experience.
Technical Sales Engineer


Howard’s career started at his father’s company, Snider Mold. He has worked his way through various positions in the industry, and joined A1 Tool in 2016. He holds a master’s degree in manufacturing.

Technical Sales Engineer


Greg's been with A1 since 2021. With 25+ years in the plastics tooling industry, he has experience in consumer packaging, appliance parts, automotive and OEM customers, and  tool design.



Demonstrating our passion for plastic injection mold making excellence by building on a strong tradition of long term value for our customers, employees and our community.

A1 has an outstanding reputation for building quality injection molds. Our strengths are engineering and manufacturing; complex, multi-shot, multi-action, stack and tandem molds. We have both international and domestic production facilities. When you need an economical or a premium mold that will last, A1 has a solution for you.



Providing innovative solutions for the mold industry, building rewards for all.

At A1 our core values resonate with our quality service and products. We thrive on innovation and our core values come from thinking outside the mold. How our product, service and results can be influential to the success of our customers, our users, and beneficial in the growth of our employees. We strive to provide unmatched solutions for the mold industry building rewards for all.

Looking for a career in Injection molding? Join Our growing team!

Join our team of innovators for a rewarding career and an employee-focused company culture. Our organization prides itself in its ability to offer a variety of opportunities in professional development. Come work with us today!

Employee Benefits:
  • 12 paid holidays Plus Vacation and Sick days
  • Very generous wellness (ins./gym) program
  • Clean and bright work environment
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