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How It Works

Our process begins with a Request for Quote (RFQ). Once selected as your vendor, we will do a Design for Manufacture (DFM). This is the detailed process of designing a mold with the best features to meet your part and press needs. The end goal is to produce repeatable superior quality finished plastic product at the lowest cost.

The DFM is completed before the purchase order is received so A1 has a solid understanding of what we’re building and ensures nothing was left out of the RFQ.

Next, our team will design a mold in 3D using our CAD system. Once completed, our team would perform a final tool review with the customer. Planning and communication mitigate mold revisions.

From there, A1 will take every component and electronically schedule a process through the shop to achieve on-time delivery and superior quality of the finished mold.










Happy Customer

What our customers say

“When you get done building with a mold with A1, they’re the only company we’ll deal with that gives you a whole book on the mold. They actually write a book with photographs, everything, in it. Tell you how to take it apart, what their process was to run it in their machine in-house. I mean, they take the guess out of everything”


Why It Works

We have found that collaboration from the beginning between A1 and the customer is what helps to really drive innovation. Many times, a customer has the parts drawn up for functionality, but isn’t aware of all A1 is capable of doing with the mold. Early involvement with our customers will produce the best solution, the best tool and at the best price.

To learn more about what makes A1’s process and how it continues to bring our customers back, contact us today.

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