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Smart Molds

Industry 4.0 is referred to as the next level in tooling. Smart molds are engineered to provide real-time meaningful information to improve molding efficiency. Data gathered is used to identify past trends, future predictable outcomes, and logs mold performance. Smart molds utilize predictive analytics, which can catch errors or maintenance issues before they occur, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Smart molds also utilize technology to provide information on repeat set-ups, pressure sensors, mold flow, cooling pressures and mold temperatures — all of which improve a mold’s performance.

Smart Mold Additional Features

Smart Mold Additional Features

Smart mold features that A1 has utilized for years are all focused on reducing setups and improving mold speed for maximum performance, in other words, saving you money. Below are just a few Industry 4.0 features A1 engineers into our innovative molds.

  • Conformal cooling or 3D printed metal inserts
  • Mold flow analysis prior to manufacturing is a great double-check, ensuring efficient resin flow
  • Air valves - open/close as needed in production
  • Water valves - open/close as needed in production
  • Pressure sensors that know when mold is splitting or needs maintenance
  • Resin flow monitoring
  • Thermal gating automatically and sequentially dictate resin flow 
  • Remote/off-site, Bluetooth, remote iPad technology
  • Temperature readings and communication from multiple points in mold, while mold is running.

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Smart Mold Improved Productivity

The sky and technology applications are limitless. Getting a mold to run and making quality parts is easy. Creating a mold that communicates back to you with real-time data to improve mold setup time, runtime efficiency, constant part quality, and maintenance alerts is out of this world!  That’s what 4.0 does — interacts with you to save money!

Smart Mold Customer Example
  • Illustrations of feedback via:

    • Sensors
    • RGJ
    • Pressure monitors
    • Etc.
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Stack molds can increase productivity by up to four times in some cases. See how in our white paper.

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