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Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype injection molding helps you create the parts you need. Prototype molded parts can be produced for testing part geometry, functionality and low-volume production. These prototype molds are typically produced out of aluminum; however, they can also be made out of steel. A1 is in a unique position capable of offering prototype injection molding services both domestically and internationally.


Prototype Injection Molding Features

Today’s technology enables 3D plastic part printing, however when you need hundreds or a few thousand parts, a prototype mold is the way to go!  

Top benefits of a prototype injection molding vs. printed parts:

    • Higher volume production runs (100+ parts per run)
    • Semi-final part design
    • Parts of any size or complexity
    • Production quality plastic parts

    • Rapid go-to production with prototype mold while production mold is manufactured (go live faster)

Prototype Mold Customer Example

A customer was building a new product line, but before they went into full production, they needed to vet out if the CAD models functionally worked in a real application. Due to the scale and scope of the new product line, hundreds of samples were required to not only test function but also establish an assembly production line. A1 rapidly produced a prototype injection mold that was fit for the purpose to quickly produce sample parts.

Prototype Example

Quick and dirty mold, made from steel, with only one water line, simple pusher pins and a removable sprue.

Molding and Sampling White Paper

Molding and Sampling White Paper

A1's molding and sampling capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. Learn how our testing process provides you with the most desired finished product.

Engineering Experience Quality

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