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Conventional Injection Molds

Simple or single-core/cavity molds are the most popular and where molding originated. There are still many uses for a “simple mold” and A1’s experience ensures a reliable, dependable and efficient mold that will last decades when properly maintained.  Conventional molds have evolved and may include multiple cavities, side actions, lifters, various materials (such as copper alloys), unique cooling methods, 3D printed parts, or conformal cooling inserts — all engineered to improve the mold’s performance.

Cardinal Mask_Moment

Conventional Injection Mold Additional Features

Based on client part geometry and efficiency needs, a conventional two-cavity mold may require innovative engineering.  A1 is here to assist and design the right mold for your application and budget. 

A1 is skilled and versatile in incorporating the following into your mold:
  • Efficiency
    • Innovative cooling waterlines
    • 3D printed parts/conformal cooling, allowing unconventional waterlines
    • Copper Alloy inserts, allows retaining melted heat and quick cooling
    • Multiple cavities
    • Hot runners
    • Easy preventative maintenance
  • Geometry Complexity
    • Side actions
    • Lifters
    • Mechanical Features
    • SPI SPE A1 – Diamond finishes

Whether you have a geometry concept, problem or simply need a new or existing mold to run faster, Contact Us.

Conventional Injection Mold Customer Example

The customer came to A1 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and asked for urgent assistance in making a mold to produce face shields for first responders. We quickly improved the part’s geometry and produced a functioning mold in just a couple days, which was actually quicker than the PO receipt.

Hot Job Example
  • Part Height: .800”
  • Volume:  2.303 cubic inches
  • Material:  PP
  • Shrink:  1.013”
  • Manifold: Cold Runner
  • Ejector Stroke:  1.062”
  • Total weight of the mold:  11,125 lbs.
  • External Mold Dimensions: 
    W x H x L   W 20” x H 11”  L 24”
Injection mold and Tooling
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Stack molds can increase productivity by up to four times in some cases. See how in our white paper.

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