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International Molds (SET® - Better than LCC)

Supported Economical Tooling  SET® combines the superior quality and reliability of domestic tooling with the cost savings of international tooling, which is BETTER than LCC (Low-Cost Country). International molds all begin with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to document the specifics of the desired finished mold. Once the DFM is produced, an on-site project manager oversees your SET® mold’s international production to keep your project on task and on time. Samples are shipped directly to you prior to the mold leaving Asia.


International Mold Features

A1’s SET® molds are considerably better than traditional LCC molds. Our technical expertise, communication process, quality control, carefully chosen vendors, and “feet on the street” eliminate surprises. SET® promises a mold your engineers and molders will love. There’s a reason leading OEM manufacturers use A1’s SET® program versus going direct: our proven results. 

Some reasons to choose SET®:
  • Cost savings: Not just the initial savings of going international, but also long-term quality savings.
  • Domestic support: Molds arrive at A1, get scanned, cleaned, retested and inspected prior to leaving our domestic facility.
  • International sampling: Production-grade samples can quickly and economically be produced via SET®, minimizing final mold costs and changes.
  • Same skilled Design For Manufacturing process as our domestic molds.
  • Warrantied for 1,000,000 shots, just like A1 domestic molds (contact A1 for details).

No more surprises! Stop wasting time and money. Order your international molds from A1, and be confident the mold will be exact to your specifications, Contact Us.

SET® Customer Example

Customers were concerned about manufacturing complex molds internationally. Honestly, we were too. However, with employees in Asia, we have selected the best shops and processes to ensure your mold meets A1’s standard of quality. To prove it, we stand behind our SET® molds for life. A leading Fortune 500 company trusted us to produce a complex two-shot mold, and we delivered. No mold is too complex for our team.

SET® Mold Example
  • 1+1 Family, two-shot mold
  • Part Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 14”
  • Volume: 20.245 cubic inches
  • Material: HIPS
  • Manifold: Hot Tip
  • Ejector Stroke: 5.315”
  • Shrink: 1.005/inch
  • Total mold weight: 9,200 lbs.
  • External Mold Dimensions: L 34” x  W 49” x H 37”
SET Mold Crated


At A1, we combine the quality of domestic tooling with the cost savings of international tooling to provide Supported Economical Tooling, or SET™.

Engineering Experience Quality

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