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Think End Cost, Not Upfront Cost

We do things right the first time to reduce your end costs, so you can experience improved cycle times, part quality molds that run better than the rest, with little to no maintenance. Use our Cost Per Part Calculator below to find out how much you could be saving with A1!

Cost per part calculator

Number of finished parts required per year
Current scrap rate
Material cost per finished part
Molding press cost per hour
Cycle time in seconds
Mold cost
Number of cavities
Number of Shots Warrantied

The True Cost of a Mold

When you consider all the variables affecting overall cost, think about how long your mold will last before it needs to be replaced. Think about any maintenance it could incur throughout its lifespan. Think about how many shots it will be good for. A1 guarantees our molds are good for 1 million shots*. We promise quality parts, and understand the customer’s need to do it right the first time.
* When molds are properly evaluated, adjusted, and maintained

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