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Consulting and Creative Engineering

Specialty Tool Design and Engineering

From pencils and drafting tables to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Moldflow Analysis, A1 has drastically changed from its 1946 roots. From those initial roots and through thousands of designs and highly trained, educated, and skilled designers come some of the most innovative engineering solutions. Our team of on-staff designers love a good challenge, where they can collectively find an economical and repeatable solution for your needs.

Consolidating multiple parts into a single mold, complex geometry, multi-action, multi-shot, or family stack molds, no challenge is too great.


Computer-Aided Design

Our engineering experts will collaborate with you to create dynamic solutions with the most robust design and functionality. We are creative thinkers who build tools to the highest standards with state-of-the-industry equipment. Our in-house design, manufacturing and mold sampling ensures accurate parts with the productivity and innovation you need.

Why Choose A1 Stack Mold White Paper
“They know their stuff and what they're building. People say they could save 40% by buying it in China, but we've got some A1 molds that have five million hits on them and they're still running today.”
Joe Vezzosi, Tooling Manager Electrolux
Maxi-Lift Inc.
"A1 is an expert in tooling, engineering and upfront engineering capability. They're experienced and knowledgeable, and will provide feedback based on their experience to help tooling managers get the best product."
Jeff Wilkerson, VP of Engineering Maxi-Lift Inc.

Design for Manufacturing Process

One reason our design and engineering are renowned industry-wide is our DFM (Design for Manufacturing) process. It is based on information — period. Receiving the most thorough information from the client on their molding needs, such as press size, materials, critical dimensions, etc. is the start, then a DFM is produced. Once produced, it is reviewed with the client to reiterate that information, which ensures the mold design fits their needs, both part and press. This eliminates hindsight mold changes, delays in production, and manages modification costs. Improved information exchange has been critical as customer needs and design technology continues to evolve in our global and fast world.

Our Process Stack Mold White Paper

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