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What Is In-Mold Labeling?

In-mold labeling (IML) is a process for decorating or labeling injection molded plastic parts or components during the plastic injection molding cycle. A pre-printed label, film or similar product is inserted in the injection mold cavity and held in place with electrostatic charge, vacuum ports, or other methods. The mold is closed and filled with plastic, essentially welding the label into the part. Simple robotics are used to place the label in the mold. IML can be used on a wide variety of mold types.


In-Mold Labeling Additional Features

IML is relatively new in injection molds and started out as paper labels to improve the assembly process of shampoo bottles. Now there are a wide variety of uses and applications, well beyond labels and paper.

Some illustrations:

  • Green - Eliminates the need to remove labels prior to recycling.
  • Wear/Tear – Much higher resistance to scratch, peel, discolor and deterioration.
  • Contour/Shapes – Ability to handle textured surfaces, tight corners, concave and convex surfaces.
  • Appearance – Exact positioning every time and more vibrant colors.

There are no limits. The concept of IML can be applied to other products as well, i.e. screens, gaskets, metal inlays, etc. Any application where you want the plastic molded into/around the object. Interested in how IML can improve your final product?  Contact us

In-Mold Labeling Customer Example

You might recognize this lint screen from a clothes dryer. The customer needed an over mold, but instead of a label, the inlay was a screen. The screen was put in place and held by magnetic charge, then filled with plastic. Pusher pins pushed the final product off the magnets. Better quality and assembly eliminated.

Inlay Mold Example
  • Part Height:  1.000”
  • Material:  Polypropylene
  • Part Weight:  .12 lbs.
  • Shrink:  .016/inch
  • Total mold weight:  5,500 lbs.
  • External Mold Dimensions:  L 16” x  W 27” x H 48”
White Paper


Stack molds can increase productivity by up to four times in some cases. See how in our white paper.

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