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Multi-Shot Molds

Double shot, or two-shot mold design, combines two materials into one part in a single mold. One mold helps in the reduction of secondary machines, processes and molds. When designed right, two-shot molds significantly reduce the amount of scrap, cycle times, resin, work-in-process, and assembly, thus, driving down costs and improving the quality and consistency of the finished product. Two-shot molds can even be used with Rotary or Pick and Place mechanical actions.

03993AA Bin

Multi-Shot Mold Additional Features

In simple terms: one mold, two injections, one cycle.  The first plastic injection runs through the mold and then gates are closed, the mold is automatically rotated (rotary mold), or a part is transferred within the same mold (pick and place) and a different type of plastic is injected into the mold. 

A two-shot mold offers different resins in the same part and same mold.  Those different resins in a second shot could be for:

  • Appearance (i.e. clear windows, gloss finish)
  • Strength (i.e. gas filled)
  • Feel (i.e. non-slip grip)
  • Multi-color
  • Function (i.e. rubber seals, gaskets).

We’re happy to discuss additional material combinations, assembly automation, and other applications. Contact Us.

Multi-Shot Mold Customer Example

The customer needed a sturdy lightweight plastic handle for a cooler, however also desired a non-slip over-mold for comfort and function.  

Mold closes and the lower four cavities are filled with the first shot of hard plastic.  Mold slides are retracted after the mold opens.  Robotics will remove the parts from the lower cores as the ejector plates advance.  Parts are placed on the cores of the upper (over-mold) side.  Slides are advanced to capture the parts, the mold closes and is filled with the second non-slip soft shot.

Multi-shot Example
  • Part Height:  0.709“
  • Volume:  3.870 cubic inches
  • 1st Shot Lower Material: PP
  • 2nd Shot Upper Material: TPE
  • 2nd Shot: Side Shooter
  • Shrink: 1.019”
  • Manifold: 4+2 Drop MHS 1601015
  • Ejector Stroke: 2.500”
  • Total weight of the mold: 7,200 lbs.
  • External Mold Dimensions: 44”W x 62”H x 24”L
Multi shot molds
Mold Consolidation Case Study

Mold Consolidation Case Study

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