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Mold Sampling and Small Production Runs

Our sampling is done in-house, which means we offer your company the opportunity to improve your tool’s functionality and troubleshoot the process for higher mold throughput before it even leaves A1.

We offer a variety of presses to sample molds, and we can provide sample parts for early testing to our customers on-site. Our qualified process engineers will ensure proper tool function, provide process instructions and will have your mold production-ready when it reaches your facility to help you get into production faster.

Small Run Molds
Small Runs

Additional Features

A1 Tool has 16 plastic injection molding presses at our disposal from 90 ton to 4,400 ton.  We have a wide variety of capabilities, from 3 oz. to 19 lbs. shot size, single shot, side shooters, two shot, and even abrasive materials. Simply just too many combinations to list!  

Also worth noting is that A1 has the flexibility and capability of sampling our competitor’s molds and running small production runs. Servicing you, the client, is always our first priority. Contact Us to get more information or pricing.

Sampling and Small Production Runs Example

Sometimes small and non-PPAP production parts don’t fit in a large custom mold shop.  That’s where A1 Tool can help. Whether it is 100, 1,000, or 300,000 parts a year, A1 can accommodate your needs. Illustrated above is just one of the products of our in-house molding. 


A large appliance manufacturer needed sample plastic parts to ensure function and fit for assembly on a new product line. After A1 finished manufacturing the customer’s molds, the client requested various combinations of 800 pieces per run shipped urgently to various destinations across the country.

Mold Sampling Small Runs
Molding and Sampling White Paper

Molding and Sampling White Paper

A1's molding and sampling capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. Learn how our testing process provides you with the most desired finished product.

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