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Stack & Tandem Molds

A1 Tool can make your plastic injection molding presses more productive with stack molds and tandem molds (also known as toggle molds or T/Moulds) engineered to produce more parts per hour. 

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Stack Molds

Stack multiple same cavities and cores

Toggle Molds

Also stack multiple cavities and cores

Tandem Molds

Cavities and Cores may be different sizes and parts

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Stack Molds

Stack molds increase productivity by using a "stack" of multiple mold layers. Closing the plastic injection mold simultaneously closes all layers in the stack, molding all parts in all the layers. Using a stack molding concept, productivity can be increased two, three, or even four times in some cases. The tonnage required of the molding press does not increase with more layers. Planning for future expansion, a stack plastic injection mold may even be engineered and built to allow for adding layers to provide higher productivity.

Tandem Molds

Similar in concept to a stack mold, a tandem or toggle mold alternately runs one layer or the other. While one layer is filling and molding parts in its cavities, the other layer is ejecting its parts. This plastic injection mold design allows for different parts and designs to be run in each layer, using different shot sizes or plastic volume in each half.

Proven Results

With decades of experience building plastic injection stack molds and tandem molds, you can count on maximum productivity from your injection presses with plastic injection molds from A1 Tool. Put our team of mold (mould) manufacturing professionals to work for you to engineer the best solution for your most challenging requirements.

Industries Served

  • Home Appliance
  • Household Storage & Waste Cans
  • Pallets / Returnable Packing
  • Industrial & Industrial Containers
  • Agricultural / Automotive
  • Lawn / Garden
  • Home Building Products
  • Pet Products
  • Medical / Displays
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Services
  • Consumer Products
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